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The process of learning Spanish is a different process for everyone. Some people struggle with verb tenses, others recalling the order of words.  Still others just recalling all those different words. You will definitely need to find creative ways to remember different words (or “palabras”). This is specially true for a few verbs that sound and...

Is making progress in Spanish easy? Like anything worthwhile, learning languages is a challenge, and Spanish is no exception. Often times it feels like you’re not making progress at all. Each week you learn a few more words, add another tense to your arsenal, make your sentences a little longer. But sometimes it seems you’re...

Beyond the practical benefits of studying the local language, an despite Argentina’s thriving tourist industry one cannot always find an English speaker, taking Spanish classes yields a deeper understanding of its rich culture and natives’ unique way of thinking. Even at the most basic level, a traveler can enjoy deeper insight. For example: “to be”...

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