English <> Spanish Translation Of Documents

English <> Spanish Translation of Documents
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Certified Translations

Translations for official purposes where the signature of a Certified Translator is needed.

Types de Documents:

  1. Certificates (birth, marriage, etc), passports, and any other personal document.
  2. Study programs, transcripts, diplomas, and any other document related to education.
  3. Contracts, minutes, commercial papers, powers-of-attorney, bylaws, and any other document related to companies.
  4. Judgements, rogatory letters.

Note: A page shall be the equivalent to a 500 word-length paper. If the document to be translated is less than a page’s length, it will be considered as a page’s length. Certified translations require off-line completion.

Additional services

1. Door-to-Door Service:

Within a certain area, you may receive your document certified and ready to be submitted at your own place. Please contact us to know if this service is available at your place of residence.

2. Mail service:

We can also mail your documents for you through Correo Argentino (certified mail) to the office abroad requiring the documents.

3. International clients:

We are able to send the translation of your document to any place in the world through DHL/Fedex. You will be sending us your scanned document. We will be sending you a scanned copy of your translation and the original version through any of the couriers abovementioned. The cost of the courier is to be paid by the client.

We are registered with the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Association of Certified Translators of the City of Buenos Aires).

Technical Translations

Translations of documents from a certain field of study, as: Texts from different fields: business, marketing, education, tourism, in different formats (web pages, journals, general information texts), and levels of complexity.

Our translators study each field in-depth to achieve the best translation.

Literary Translations

Literary translations need a very special treatment as regards style. These are translated by a translator and writer, and supervised by a native speaker.

Example of literary translation.


Prices may vary according to the extension and type of document. Orders will be valid upon 20% pre-payment.

Door-to-door service, Mail service, Couriers service have an additional cost.


We accept cash and bank deposit or transfer.

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