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Following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, we have developed the following contents in six different levels:

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Spanish school Buenos Aires

Beginner I & Beginner IIBeginner I

You'll learn how to speak in Spanish from the very beginning and be able to communicate in everyday situations, like:
Exchanging personal information (name, nationality, occupation)
Giving & asking information about places, ordering a meal at a restaurant or buying clothes
Talking about habitual actions

Beginner II

You'll keep practicing your oral skills intensively. You will learn to:
Talk about likes and dislikes
Make plans, accept and reject invitations and appointments
Talk about daily schedules and the time
Express actions that are in progress at the time of speaking

Intermediate I & Intermediate IIIntermediate I

You will now be focusing on the past tenses in Spanish. Learn to:
Talk about past experiences
Talk about your own life & other people's lives in the past
Describe settings in the past
Talk about movies, first and second characters
Make comparisons

Intermediate II

The future in Spanish. To express wishes and use polite expressions
To retell a story someone else told you
The passive voice and the impersonal "se"

Advanced I & II

Spanish in different communicational situations, focused on the achievement of a wide vocabulary and the correct use of all verb tenses. Use of authentic material (newspapers, websites, etc) to discuss different and interesting topics.

Advanced I

Learn to:
Give orders (Imperative)
Make suggestions, give advice & express doubts (Subjunctive)
Structures with prepositions

Advanced II

To express imaginary possible or impossible situations given certain conditions (Conditionals)
Subjunctive in the past
Rules about dividing words into syllables
Relative pronouns
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