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With the use of online tools increased, digital learning is here to stay. These are some of the advantages of learning Spanish online: Place and affordability: students can attend lessons from any location. No transportation, no meals out, no lodging costs. And when it comes to moving to another country, this may be quite important....

When Covid-19 first started, Argentina was one of the first countries to adopt mandatory lockdown. Although the number of infected people is rising, luckily the virus is spreading slowly. Lockdown started on March 20th and will continue for at least two more weeks. Yet, some industries and small businesses are being allowed to open their...

Is making progress in Spanish easy? Like anything worthwhile, learning languages is a challenge, and Spanish is no exception. Often times it feels like you’re not making progress at all. Each week you learn a few more words, add another tense to your arsenal, make your sentences a little longer. But sometimes it seems you’re...

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