On November 30th, Argentina celebrates the National Day of the Yerba Mate. 

More than 500 years ago, native guaraníes were already using these leaves to prepare an energetic beverage. Nowadays, both Argentina and Uruguay love "mate", not only in the countryside but in the cities too. 

But what can we expect when we are offered a "mate"?

Its 50th anniversary, and The British travel magazine decided to find the 50 best neigborhoods in the world for travelers as well as for locals. With its various art galleries, boutique hotels and a broad variety of restaurants and nightlife, Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires was ranked as one of these neighborhoods. The photo above shows you a street in this quiet and yet vibrant neighborhood.

Talking about steakhouses, Don Julio is one of my favorite, rated 6 among the 50 best restaurantes in Latin America. The address: Guatemala with Gurruchaga, quite close to IW Languages.

Our Spanish vocab tips as regards ordering a steak:

Puede traerme un bife de chorizo o un ojo de bife con ensalada? / Can I have a strip steak or a ribeye steak and a salad?

Quisiera mi bife a punto/jugoso/cocido. / I'd like my steak rare/medium/well-done.



Recoleta Cemetery is considered one of the 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world. It is a true open-air art gallery, and big enough to get lost very easily. But these days visiting it has become easier as the Government of the City of Buenos Aires has launched a new App called Cementerio de la Recoleta.

This App has been developed in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Among its features you can find a map of the cemetery and many different stories about important and rich people that are buried there. You can download the App from your Google Play Store. Easy to use, it does not need WiFi to work. No need to worry, you won't get lost inside the cemetery!

Recoleta Cemetery is not very far from IW Languages. So why not take the chance to visit it after your Spanish lessons?


This month IW Languages was present at the event Es Tu Día  Study Buenos Aires organizes so that students from every part of the world that come to Buenos Aires can meet and have a great time. It took place at the Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo. We shared mate, and there was a tango and milonga show among other games.  And students played a game known as Sapo, where you need throw 5 special coins. Each competitor aims at a wooden table with several holes and a toad on its top. It was a lot of fun!

Ganar dinero sin trabajar

Es el deseo de ciento diez de cada cien personas que viven en este planeta. Algunos de ellos hasta lo consiguen, todavía la gran mayoría no sabe cómo hacerlo o se alejan de la oportunidad de intentarlo.

En el mundo de hoy nosotros aprendemos que el trabajo es el único medio necesario para ganar dinero. Pero… no está bien así. Aquí vamos a pasar algunos consejos y sugerencias de cómo alcanzar ese hecho. Aunque no sea fácil, vamos a ellos.

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