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Learning a new language is always going to be hard, especially for English speakers who have enough translations available in many of the countries they visit. That means English speakers are not often as motivated to learn a new language as others such as the Dutch, who have almost no other countries who speak their...

When learning a new language, it is sometimes a little difficult to learn its sounds. Let me tell you: music really helps! These days, as I was browsing the Internet, I came across a song in Spanish anyone studying Spanish might want to listen to. Its name is “Quédate”, by Leonard Agutin (Russia) and Diego Torres...

When Covid-19 first started, Argentina was one of the first countries to adopt mandatory lockdown. Although the number of infected people is rising, luckily the virus is spreading slowly. Lockdown started on March 20th and will continue for at least two more weeks. Yet, some industries and small businesses are being allowed to open their...

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