Terms of Use


  • To own a high quality web, with original contents.
  • We do not accept sites hosted in free servers or in services granted by subdomains. We do not accept .tk domains, or webs that engage in the use of frames or pop-ups.
  • We ask that the link is reciprocal (site to site).
  • The links page where you shall include our link must already be indexed in Google, and must always continue to be indexable. Check it in the following way: insert in Google´s search engine: `site:yourdomian.com/your-page-link.html´ (take into account that this is only an example, you´ll need to replace `yourdomain.com/your –links-page. html´ by your own links page)
  • We only exchange links with sites which have serious and lasting exchange links policies.
  • The page where you shall include our link shall have a few outbound links and shall be arranged by subjects.
  • The page where you shall include our link shall not be more than one click from the homepage
  • We don´t accept SPAM to search engines, your site may not have hidden text or layers.
  • Links to our site must be permanent (not randomized or repositioned by the number of visits it receives or any other criteria)
  • Search engines robots shall be able to follow the linking code to our site, no redirectioning or nofollows accepted (neither in linking source code, nor in txt.robots)
  • Your links -url shall be as lasting as possible; in the event your url moves to another page we must be notified; we will proceed to perform the necessary changes in our database, unless you validly redirect it on the server´s side (in case of doubt, please ask)
  • We do take links exchange very seriously. If we detect that a site is cheating in any way, we´ll delete it immediately.

For links exchange, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter the category that best suits your website
  2. Click on `Suggest´
  3. Place a link on your website.
  4. Fill out the form and send it.
  5. After receiving the form, we will review your website, and our decision will be notified to you by e-mail (accepted/rejected).
  6. If you believe that we can exchange links from `home´ to `home´, please let us know. Any other proposal is also welcome; we´ll analyze it and send you our opinion.
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